PEAK Electronics GMBH New Product Launch

Customer information PEAK electronics GmbH New 1 and 2 ampere switching regulators PEAK switching regulators PSR1M-xxxS (1 ampere) and PSR2M-xxxS (2 amps) in an ultra-compact case PEAK electronics is proud to offer you new highlights in the product range PSR1M & PSR2M are PEAK electronic‘s new switch regulator series with 1 and 2 ampere range. With it’s ultra-compact 3-pin SIL plastic case they are perfect for space-saving placement on circuit boards. Both series offer a single output and continuous short-circuit protection a wide input voltage range up to 36Vdc an output accuracy of +/- 2% automatic re-start innovative power and load control extremely low ripple noise current all combined with a very high efficiency of up to 96%. Like other switch regulator models, the pin assignment is LM78XX compatible. Convince yourself of the switching regulators PSR1M and PSR2M series!