PEAK Electronics GMBH New Product Launch

Customer information PEAK electronics GmbH New 3-Watt power in a small case PEAK high power converter of the PMNA series 3W with 4:1 input in a small DIP8 case PEAK electronics is proud to offer you a new converter in the product range. The new 3-Watt 4:1 DC/DC converters of the PMNA series are available in a DIP8 case with single (P14BG-xxxxE4:1) or dual output (P14BG-xxxxZ4:1). The small 14x14x8mm (0.55 “x0.55 “x0.32”) design allows high performance in a small space. The PMNA series with high quality SMD technology in the 8Pin DIL body can compete with the alternatives in larger cases with an efficiency of up to 84% power density. The effective converters of this series operate reliably in a temperature range from -40°C (-40°F) to approx. +80°C (176°F) and offer continuous short circuit protection with remote on/off control and 1600Vdc isolation. Currently these components are available with input voltages of 12V (4.5-18), 24V (9-36), 48V (18-75). This new generation of 3-Watt converters beats all records in the field of DC/DC voltage converter technology for an attractive price. Not only perfection all round – it´s also perfection in a square. See for yourself the new astonishing converters of the PMNA series!